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Surface Disinfecting
Wiping all frequently-touched areas with disinfecting spray

Spray and Coat
Surfaces are sprayed with non-toxic, antimicrobial coating for protection

Enclosed areas are fogged to disinfect air and clean otherwise inaccessible infected areas

Specialist Disinfection Service in Penang

Our professional disinfecting services in Penang are known to combat and control viruses and bacteria – including the deadly coronavirus strains. But, more importantly, our technicians are insured and qualified to deal with hazardous environments.

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1. How often does a disinfection service in Penang need to be carried out?

Our disinfection service in Penang is adapted to the type of business and the purpose of the building. For example, facilities with a high number of visitors or that are more likely to have infected people bringing the virus into them will require more frequent treatments to ensure user safety. Furthermore, we have organizations that use our disinfection service in Penang on a contract or long-term basis.

2. What industries are covered by your disinfection service in Penang?

At MDI Fortune, we are proud of our professional team, which can provide disinfection services in Penang across a wide range of business sectors. Our disinfection service in Penang is suitable for use in offices, shopping malls, educational institutions, hotels, care homes, leisure centres, sports facilities, and other health care facilities.

3. What are the safety measures taken during a disinfection service?

For the disinfection service in Penang we provide, our expert technicians wear the most appropriate personal protective equipment, such as respirators, N95 masks, goggles, coveralls, nitrile gloves, and rubber boots. In addition, they have received extensive training in procedures and practices for reducing risks in hazardous environments.